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World Association of Persons With Disabilities [WAPD]

A Non-Profit, Non-Political-Association

The Beacon of Knowledge & Refuge for the World's Largest Minority

December 22, 1997

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"Let us be among those who renew this world and bring prosperity & solace to creation"
_ Zarathushtra _

In This Issue: Seriously Think!

1. Letters to the Editor

2. Resources
A) On A Roll ....Listen!

3. Humor

4. About WAPD
A) New "Little Store"
B) Get a WAPD Membership Number
& February 1 changes.
C) Holiday Office Hours
D) Bulletin Board & Chat Problems
E) Changing ISP Service

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************************************************** PEOPLE UNITED CAN ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE!

This Season brings to mind several things we should all ponder(seriously think about)very very carefully.
1. Is it Holy Day's or Holidays?
2. What have you done for others?
3. Are you taking care of your loved ones?
4. Do you have Faith?
5. Will God say to you.. "Well Done" ?
6. Are you depending on your government?
7. Do you know that protecting a neighbor is protecting ones-self?
8. Can you look in a mirror and honestly say: [ If It's Gonna be...It's up to me"? ]
9. Is your hand on the plow and you're not looking back? (find out what this means!)
10. Did you volunteer or send in your check as you said you would?
11. Is WAPD trying to keep it's commitments without you?
12. Can you be sure your neighbor didn't forget his commitment too?
13. Do most folks think alike?
14. Are you going to do nothing or Can You be Counted?
15. Will someone else carry your load?
16. What can WAPD do for you in 1998?



Letters to the Editor:

Dear WAPD,
Just a short note to say thanks to all the fine people who e-mailed me with regard to the SSDI letter I sent to George and WAPD. I see I'm not alone in this endeavor. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words of inspiration and your prayers and support. I really firmly believe we will not be pushed around if we stick together and face individual hardships as one. I even had e-mails from attorneys offering to help. The most promising appears to be filing a class -action suit on behalf of disabled persons and also a disability discrimination suit re: ADA violations against the Social Securtiy "determination" experts both as members of the government and individually! Maybe if we begin to pepper them with legal torts, and start tying them up in their own Federal Legal System, they will find out we are not an "invisible minority to be purged".....
Thanks to all for the great ideas, support and most of all prayers. God Bless each and every one of you Thanks

[WAPD Note] BRAVO! Sounds like strides are being made to fight back. The system will steam roll one and not look back.. BUT when it is confronted with another "steam-roller" it has "RESPECT" and that is what WAPD was organized for. Greg and others please let us know so that we can help to make to make the snowball an Avalanche...

Dear WAPD,
I went up onto WAPD page today and saw that maybe in 2 or 3 weeks there may be some news of extra money and/or home business. I hope that comes through.
I ended back into the hospital for 2 days and came home yesterday to read a letter from the state welfare telling me that they have notified Social Security that I no longer have Medicaid and that the state will no longer pay my Medicare premiums. The state told me to expect that the feds will deduct as much as 3 months' premiums from my SSDI. If the feds do that, my family and I will be financially ruined because there will not be any money sufficient to pay monthly bills. That means we will lose our leased van (non-handicapped adapted) which is necessary for my wife to transport herself to her 14 hrs-per-day jobs. As it is, my wife lost one job because she had to stay home to care for our children while I was in the hospital.
We've worked so hard to develop good credit ratings, but if we can't any longer pay our monthly bills, we'll lose everything and my wife will have risked her well-being for nothing.
If we can't survive this latest bad turn of events, I will have to beg and plead for some caring people for enough money to stabilize us until we are able to repay those who assist us. In that respect, is there anyone who can and will lend us the money to survive until our situation gets back to normal?? I hate to ask like a beggar, but now I'm scared and so helpless.
I hope the home business comes through and it is something I'll be able to succeed in so my wife and family don't go through this again.
Christmas time is not the best time of year to receive "bad news" presents.
I haven't forgotten to send in my membership subscription. I'll get it to you as soon as I can.
Dismayed and frightened,

[WAPD Note] Jim, WAPD will do everything we can to assist you including helping to find some viable Home-Business opportunities. Soon after the first of January we will have some things that are solid....But as with everything it is going to take hard work and commitment from all that decide to venture out for independence... Your Membership check was received December 20

Dear Dr. Kerford (AKA George),
The Mexico City fundraising was a pretty glitzy affair with a few celebs pledging some big chucks of money. Even the President of Mexico chipped in $2,500!
The organizers had set a goal of 10 million dollars, but got around half. It is not that the event was not great -- 5 million is a lot of money! -- they just set their goals too high (My Opinion). But I do not think the contributions will stop either.
I feel that Mexico is going to be making some big changes where the disabled are concerned and am proud to be associated with the O'Farrill family who have long been some of Mexico's strong leaders for the dignity of the disabled.
Stay focused on Mexico.
Saludos & Happy Holidays to WAPD your friend in Mexico,
Dan Dial, Managing Editor
The News
Hi, My name is Janis.
I am from the Bahamas and I have a friend (Adrian Turnquest) that's 25yrs. old and is Parapalegic. He received his injury from a car accident four years ago. I am desperately trying to find a non-profitable organization that will be able to assit him with physio therepy or any other treatment. He's been bed-ridden since the accident and is open to any help that is available, as he and his family have exhausted all of their funds. Please e-mail me with any information that you may have that can assit Adrain. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Janis Galanis

[WAPD Note] Please anyone out there that can assist this situation please try to help! WAPD has totally depleted it's financial resources with other expense and assistance projects.
Dear Colleague:
November 26, 1997
Thanks to you, disability advocates and their friends across America, FDR's disability will be shown in the new national memorial that was dedicated May 2, 1997. Future generations will know that our 32nd President led the country out of the Depression and the Allies to victory in WWII - all from his wheelchair.
This summer, the U.S. Congress passed legislation, which was signed by President Clinton, stating: "the Secretary of Interior shall plan for the design and construction of an addition of a permanent statue, bas-relief, or other similar structure to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC to provide recognition of the fact that President Roosevelt's leadership in the struggle by the United States for peace, well-being, and human dignity was provided while the President used a wheelchair." We are writing to report on progress and to request your continued support.
Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt has appointed an Advisory Committee that will recommend what the addition should be, its location within the 7.5-acre memorial site, and who should be the artist. The committee has met twice and will meet again in December at Warm Springs, Georgia, and at a public hearing in Washington, DC in January. Disability representatives on the committee are Michael Deland, N.O.D. Chairman, and Hugh Gallagher, author of FDR's Splendid Deception. They have indicated that they are pleased with the committee's approach and progress to date. They reported that Secretary Babbitt at the first meeting urged the committee to move quickly.
We expect the committee to make its recommendations by mid-1998. If accepted the proposal then goes to the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Planning Commission for approvals, as required by the Commemorative Works Act. We'll keep you posted.
The legislation calls for funding of the addition to come from the private sector. N.O.D. has begun to raise the approximately $1.5 million that will be needed for the addition. These funds also will assist N.O.D. in monitoring the process to ensure that the depiction of our former president will be one that captures FDR's spirit of optimism, his indefatigable determination, his leadership prowess, and, yes, includes - his wheelchair.
We urge you and your organization to contribute. Checks should be made payable to the N.O.D./FDR Memorial Wheelchair Fund, and mail to: N.O.D./FDR Memorial Wheelchair Fund, Department 0571, Washington, DC 20073.
If you know of anyone who would like to receive a copy of this update or would like to contribute, please notify us via email at, via fax 202-293-7999, TDD 202-293-5968, or write to us at the address above.
Again, thank you for making possible the first national memorial in any country depicting a world statesman with a severe disability. It will be an inspiration to all humankind for generations to come.
Alan A. Reich
James Dickson
Director of Community Affairs
[WAPD Note:] NOT US! The many many letters that we receive from warmblooded persons that are hurting have our first priority and we are very sorry that WAPD cannot help more of them! It seems to us that the priorities are wrong when it takes such major resources for the "Statue" of a U.S. President that had great power and could have, with the blink of an eye, done some things to prevent many problems that are causing us headaches today. The truth is that FDR was ashamed to admit his disability!
Why contribute to an Idol of untruth!??
-USA History has enough of that already!
Why does it take big $$ for NOD to oversee?
-The Committee will set down guides/blueprints wont they? Why added cost for "sidewalk-supt"?
Why not a Statue of Evan Kemp, George Wolf or many others that have made positive contributions? -Should not future generation to see true warriors.
Why not let the politicians have it and Get Real? -$1.5 Mil. can help lots of folks who might get hungry or desperate enough to steal, hurt or kill.
It is your money and you do have a right to spend it wherever you wish!

On A Roll Radio....

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I came, I am a very important person, I conquered
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I came, I saw, I partied
A fast retort
Love, Greetings, Farewell, from such a pain you should never know.
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February 1, 1998 the regular membership will increase to $20.00 per year with your anniversary/ expiration at the date of your membership. The Individual Lifetime Membership will not change.
February 1, 1998 all volunteer members will be asked to give a minimum of 10 hours to WAPD at something that is closely compatable with your skills, talents, abilities.
February 1, 1998 all business/corporate Partnerships will increase to $1,500.00 per year with lifetime deleted. All business/Corporate Partnerships will be treated exactly the same.
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Bulletin Board & Chat "Misconfiguration" is reason the many messages some of you are posting have not been visable. Our server is working on the problem and will have it running asap. Please be patient as this could take some time to work out....
WAPD will be changing Internet Service Providers (ISP) within the next few days to give us the very best service for our membership. While these changes are supposed to be seamless and unoticeable we, from experience, want to let you know that some problems could be experienced. Please be patient as our change..once in effect.. will be noticeably much better! (More in Next issue)
Focus !
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YOUR PENNIES will help us achieve the WAPD Commitment much faster! Dollars help too!
Ask God what You should do and....DO IT !
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