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Updated 7-7-03
Hi, my name is Lynda Romero. I am 40 years old and the mother to Christy, Matt and Wesley. Wesley is 11 and happens to have Cerebral Palsy and mental Retardation. Being the parent to a disabled child has made many changes in my life There have been a lot of ups and downs. But all in all I feel that it has helped me to become a stronger and more compassionate person..... And certainly a lot more determined than I ever thought was possible!!! It is very important to me that anyone who reads this knows one thing. I do not pity myself or Wesley... Nor do we want pity. We have done very well and I consider myself very lucky! But some of what we have had to go through has been hard. I watched my baby almost die... And Most of the time since his birth I have had very little family support. Alot of people have a very hard time with disabilities so I can only hope that one day they will grow to understand more and get to know my son. I love all of my family ... but I will always do what ever I have to in order to give Wesley the best possible chance... Wesley was born healthy. He was hospitalized at 17 days old with encephalitis. During his 21 day stay at Primary Children's hospital he came close to death and lost approximately. 1/4 of his brain. Most of the damage is on the right side... with the right temporal lobe completely destroyed. And part of the left temporal lobe as well. I spent the first 5 years busy with all the therapy and the advocating that you end up with when you deal with a disabled child. And I was trying to find answers. Wesley was not diagnosed until he was almost 6 years old. When I finally found what my son was dealing I was able to turn to the information on the net...... And with that I begin to be able to open up and talk to a lot of people and find the info that I needed.... And the support Because of this I finally decided that I wanted to build a homepage and also be able to help other people find support and information it has made all the difference to me!!! Since the time that I first wrote this I have become more involved in advocating for my son as well as other disabled children. I was a member and the regional director of Cerebral Palsy Network for the state of Oregon while I lived there. It was fantastic to be able to not only help myself to learn more but also help other parents learn!
Thank You so much for the time that you have spent reading this and for caring enough to look at my website!!!