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A      PAGE   OF   FUN   LINKS!!

I thought that I would include a page for some fun!!! Included are some music midis ! I hope that you all enjoy!

Some fun sites and music for kids!

Family Room: things for kids of all ages!
Sesame street:
freebies,promotions and contests for kids!:
Itsy Bitsy Spider : Midi
Mary Had A Little Lamb : Midi
I'm A Little Teapot: Midi
Old MacDonald Had A Farm: Midi
Pop Goes The Weasel: Midi
Sesame Street Song: Midi
Ten Little Indians: Midi
This Old Man: Midi
Tigger Song: WAV
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Midi

some fun places to check out for mom and dad!

mail a meal - gourmet post cards!:
The National Library of Poetry:
third age free health stuff!:
Scavenger's Quest: free stuff!!!
Bluemountain cards: free e-cards!
Internet Card Central: A huge collection of E-cards!