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Wesley in the Race for Kids!!!!!

 Thank You to the Race for Kids team and Lance Moss for including 
Wesley in your race!!!
 Wesley was so excited to see his name on that car!!! You do so much
for the awareness of disabilities!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Concord USA - August 1, 1998

Dear Wesley,

With you aboard last night the Race For Kids #07 Monte Carlo had its 
best finish in weeks. Our qualifying effort didn't fare so well as we 
started in the 8th position. We quickly moved up into the 6th position 
as the car ran pretty good for the first 15 laps or so. The car started 
losing its handling ability afterwards but we were able to hold off 
the competitors behind us until we caught a fortunate caution.

On the restart I got by another car and moved up into the 5th postion. 
We were still a bit slower than the cars behind us but I was able to 
fight them off as the outside lane seemed to be a bit quicker. on the 
72nd lap we were able to get a good run off of turn one and moved to 
the outside of Rickey Hendrick and managed to get by him going into 
the tri-oval out of the short shoot. Guy Harris moved in behind me. 
Harris beat and banged on my bumper and was able to pull up beside me
but again we were able to hold him off. We had our first top 3 finish 
in 4 week finishing just behind Mike Herman Jr. It was double points 
night and we only lost 4 points to Mike leaving us a scant 6 points 
behind him in the championship race. It was frustrating Im sure to the
drivers behind me as they seemed to have a better car but being in the
heat of a points race with it being double points night we had no 
choice but to guard the bottom and drive into the turns a bit deeper 
than we are normally comfortable doing.

I appreciate you having the courage to climb aboard the Race For Kids 
Monte Carlo last night and working with our team. It is the courage of 
kids like you that provides me the inspiration I need to strive and 
be the best I can. I will archive the memory of dedicating this race 
to you as I consider it an honor. I hope you will continue to keep up 
with our team for the remainder of the season, the best place to do 
this is probably on the Concord Motorsports Website at I tend to get a bit behind on my site as the 
season gets longer but please make sure you stop by 
and and sign our guestbooks. Mater of fact make 
sure you sign the guest book on the Concord site as well as it has 
thousands of viewers each week and they need to know that you are part
of our team. Thank your mom and dad for allowing us to work together. 
Within a few weeks you should be receiving an autographed picture and 
a few other novelty items in the mail. Ask your mom to please let my 
webmaster know your mailing address if she has not already done so. 
She can send it to or to


Lance Moss

Race for Kids: